Photographers David Skernick and Brian Valente are the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributors of this photo essay.  From the book ‘Easy Astrophotography: Shooting the Night Sky’.  For more information click on any image.


David Skernick
Mt Shasta Moonrise




Easy Astrophotography: Shooting the Night Sky


Brian and I bonded over photography and dogs many years ago. He’s like the brother I never asked for. We took up Astrophotography just to try something new that we could do closer to home and got totally hooked. Leading workshops together is terrific. One of us can light foregrounds and so on while the other is there to help the participants and get photos of their own.

It’s good to have a buddy if you are going to be out with your camera for long periods of time in the middle of the night. Believe me, my wife worries less! I strongly recommend you find a friend to join you in your quest for night sky photographs.


David Skernick
Rt 66 Moon


I am an opportunist. I wander around the United States on back roads looking for stuff to photograph. Take the moon for example, Sure, I have a good idea of when sunrise and sunset will be and a slightly less awareness of when the moon will rise and fall, but I keep my eye out for it and sometimes I get lucky.

On the other hand, my friend Brian is a planner. He studies charts and apps. He knows exactly where to be, and when and where the moon will rise or fall.


David Skernick
Star Field


We both think the other is crazy or a genius, not sure which. Together we can handle any situation and will share what we have learned with you here in this book. You will learn how to be prepared for the moon and stars whether you like to plan ahead or just trust your luck. We will share what we know about where to go, what equipment to use, and how to expose and then process your photos


Brian Valente Observatory Moon


Brian Valente
Milky Way


David Skernick


David Skernick
Persied Meteor Shower


David Skernick
LA Moon


David Skernick
Farm Moonrise


About Easy Astrophotography: Shooting the Night Sky

Ever look up at the sky and say “wow”? So do we. My friend Brian and I are both accomplished photographers. We decided to find the best way to capture the universe. Well to photograph it at least. In our new book on Astrophotography we will share everything we have learned about moons, eclipses, the Milky Way, star fields, star trails, comets and meteor showers. We start with a complete list of the equipment you will need. You will be happily surprised to find out you already have all or most of what we recommend. This book is for photography with your standard camera, lenses and tripod, not telescopes and tracking tripods. We will give you all the camera settings you need as well as exact processing techniques to help you make your best images. Lots of illustrations with complete technical information will help you plan your exact strategy.



Artist Statement

I try to coach rather than teach.  What I mean is that each student brings their own unique talent and vision to the party.  I want to coach then to be able to translate their vision through the camera and the computer or lab into the final print. I teach my students the tools that are possible by giving them a solid grounding in camera functions and computer enhancement programs.  Then, together, we can pick and choose those that work for each photograph.

I love to teach.  As I get older, I find I love it more and more.  I feel that I have something to offer young photographers at the beginning of their careers.  My experience has taught me many lessons that I would like to share.  I have a deep love for the craft of photography.  I want new photographers to have a respect for getting it right in the camera and having total control of their capture. 


David Skernick & Brian Valente


All images © David Skernick and Brian Valente



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