Social Documentary Photographer Bharat Patel is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images.  From the book ‘Nomadic Tribes of India’.  Click on any image to pre-order your copy of Bharat’s Nomadic Tribes of India from Kickstarter.


Morning Chore


Snake Charmers


Cold Morning


Safe Place


In 2013 I began a long-term project on the most marginalized group of people in India. The nomadic tribes of India. For centuries, these nomadic tribes traveled from place to place, offering their services, and serving large communities. They worked as ironmongers, knife sharpeners, story tellers, snake charmers, acrobats, basket makers, and many other trades. Once welcomed at every village, they slowly came to be one of the most marginalized communities. How did that come about?


Drops of Water


Late Night Show


Showing ID Cards


Dry Cow Dung for Fire


Traditional Anklets of Gadia Luhar


This is the first coffee table photobook of its kind about these nomadic tribes with text giving historical background and prejudices that prevail to the present day. The book is intended to be an archive of the lives of the nomadic tribes of India and shows the present conditions of these stateless communities.

The hardcover book will be 30cm X 25 cm with almost 200 pages containing more than 150 color and sepia tones images.


Nomadic Tribes of India
By Bharat Patel


I am a traveler and photographer based in Oxford, UK. My interest in photography goes back to my teenage years when I had many opportunities to travel, helped by my curiosity to learn about other people and places.

Over the last 20 years photography has become my passion, at first embracing its many genres but now concentrating on documentary photography. In recent years I have dedicated my photography to social documentaries in which I try to bring awareness of how others live. Some of my photographs of Brick Kiln Workers, Women Workers, Hijras and Nomadic Tribes have been published in Journals and magazines and have also earned me awards in international competitions.


Bharat Patel


 All images and text © Bharat Patel



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