Written by Brian Wright


It was all going to be great.

We’d have refrigerators and bicycles and new cars and ice cream.

We’d all go to college and have kids and buy houses; mow the lawn, play golf and go fishing.

It was supposed to be great, and it was.

We smoked cigarettes, drank and had a grand old time. We rolled out the barrel, stayed off each other’s blue suede shoes and that was the post war world.

A little a-bomb anxiety was a small price to pay. But it did teach us irony and caution.

Turns out cigarettes weren’t all that after all. And if you’re driving a V-8 Chevy pushing 350 horses you better buckle that seat belt.

We joined the counter-culture, ended the war rocked with Janice, Jimmy and Mama Cass showed us a short cut to an early grave.

No thanks man. I’ve had enough. Goin’ up the country and become a vegetarian. Raise goats and smoke my own home grown weed.

It’s gonna be great.

Post-post war world was everything before the Twin Towers and after Easy Rider. AIDS put the final nail in the coffin of the sexual revolution.

Get those bras out of the fire because we’re heading back to square one.

Now we’re living in the Post-Post Post War World, and I got to tell you this is not a happy place. Good thing you have that little mobile computer going to keep you distracted. Because from we’re I’m sitting it looks like the end time.

110 degrees. Hurricanes. Fires. Floods. Genocide in Europe. Totalitarianism running amok.

Oh Boy!

And isn’t it obvious that black lives matter?

We survived COVID just in time to enjoy all this.

Fun it’s not.

But here we are.

Hope you liked the new Barbie movie.

I hear Fentanyl is nice.


Text © Brian Wright


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