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My Zen Tropical Garden

It was a heavy summertime nighttime rain. Thunder and lightning provided a sound and light show that was free of charge. After the rain stopped, I…

Haiku #249

Ants find comfy home Inside folds of staghorn fern Stuck on sea grape tree  * Find More Poetry HERE   BACK TO  HOME PAGE   Copyright© Edge of…


cold orange placed on cutting board sliced into perfect wedges slowly placing each piece into my mouth sucking out the sweet juice      * Find…


Once a month Diligently Hauling Buckets Black oil sunflower seeds Up Down Tall Ladder Restocking Multiple Bird feeders Stingy  Squirrels       Copyright© Edge of Humanity…


  Lessons from the tropical garden! Marching Consistently Gaining Territory Bromeliads Decompose Negativity         Copyright© Edge of Humanity LLC 2017

Haiku #228

Thunder faraway Lanterns along stone pathway Bamboo starts to play         Copyright© Edge of Humanity LLC 2017


Late night Munchies Rats Feast On Berries Nuts High In Areca Queen Palm trees   Back to HOME PAGE Copyright© Edge of Humanity LLC 2017