It was a heavy summertime nighttime rain. Thunder and lightning provided a sound and light show that was free of charge. After the rain stopped, I went outside to my garden with my torch light and looked around. The plants were soaking wet and the air was much cooler. The garden was peaceful with the toads croaking. I looked up and saw a tree frog on a banana leaf,  lounging away like it did not have a care in the world. A small green iguana was climbing about the tall fig tree while occasionally taking a look over at me. Two burrowing owls were standing on a tree branch. Their eyes half closed and  extremely content. They looked like the perfect couple cuddling  and growing old together. The owls  totally inseparable and in love. Meanwhile, a lizard was lounging on a rock,  watching mosquitoes out and about in abundance.

For a long time (since around age 16- I have just turned 57) my dream was to create a Zen tropical garden. I spent years designing and planting my paradise. Every time I walk outside my heart goes flicker flicker.  Dream accomplished! Now and the last few years I only need to trim and transplant and enjoy the fruits of my labor. My wife feels the happiness radiating from me every time I come inside the shack from the garden. She would watch as I was possessed to finish the project.

If you would like to see a few photos from my Zen tropical garden, click Who is the Hermit Poet below.

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