Diplomatic ties between India and the United States receive a boost. President Obama has invited Indian Prime Minister Modi to the United States. The State Department and President Obama are making a concentrated effort to actively engage with the newly elected Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi. The White House has issued a press release that “the two leaders will be discussing ways to accelerate economic growth, bolster security cooperation and collaborate in activities that bring long- term benefits to both countries and the world. “The press release goes on to say that the two leaders “will also focus on regional issues, including current developments in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, were India and the United States can work together with partners towards a positive outcome.”    Obviously, President Obama will discuss with Prime Minister Modi regarding India becoming actively involved with the coalition against ISIS. However, the two world leaders will also discuss how India and the United States can work closer together on a variety of other economic and political issues.

The vast majority of the people in India are extremely hard working, entrepreneurial, value education and participate in the largest democracy in the world. The information technology (IT) sector is growing by leaps and bounds and the depth of engineering talent is truly astounding. There are many opportunities for America companies to build a more robust trade with their counterpart Indian companies. India is on the forefront of moving rapidly to become one of the most influential countries in the world in terms of political freedom, expanding middleclass and building a highly educated society.

Countries like India are part of a changing power dynamic. The geopolitical stage has been altered and is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace and it is extremely important that the United States continues to develop a close relationship with India. Going forward, Asia will continue to be one of the most important regions in the world. India and China will be at the center of the expansion in the area.


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