Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a very sexually charged city. The cariocas enjoy the sun, beach, soccer, carnival and take life as it comes. They have a passion for living for today and do not get too hung up on the possibilities of what may happen tomorrow. During the day, on a weekend at high noon along “Praia de Copacabana” one can see the scorched heat rising from the sand and feel the sweat rolling down the body. Looking around this paradise are women walking seductively along the beach clad in dental floss bikinis while dark muscular men are playing volleyball. People of all ages and economic backgrounds congregate on the sizzling sands of the beach and one could say the “Praia” is the great equalizer of society.

Yes, Rio has extreme poverty, crime and other social issues, but most is forgotten on the Praia during a lazy sun soaked day.  Like pilgrims, cariocas come from all directions using buses, subways, cars and if you are one of the blessed ones living close by; rather you are coming down from the “favelas” on the hills or simply walking a couple blocks once you are at the beach, it is difficult to know the difference of who is who in society’s puzzle. A person can just relax and enjoy the sun and the ocean which is free for everyone. There is something special about when people are dressed essentially the same in bikini’s and beach shorts that creates an air of equality for all the participants.


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