Over the last several years, the price of food has increasing gone up all over the world. It is frustrating every time one goes to the market or store and the price of basic items needed in the home kitchen is rising daily. One of the reasons food prices are increasing is because the world is experiencing an amazing uplifting of people out of poverty and these folks all over the world have more purchasing power and are able to purchase better food. People in emerging market countries are now able to afford to eat more meat, vegetables and consume other food items that in years past were considered luxuries and totally out of their reach. It is a very good thing that so many people have been lifted and continue to be lifted out of poverty on this planet.

Another reason that food is more expensive is that the cost to grow the food is also rising in price. Land costs, machinery, seeds, labor; fuel to run the equipment as well as other materials are more costly every day.  As the population continues to explode around the globe, farmland is much more precious. For instance, the Chinese government needs to constantly invest outside of their country in places like Africa to be able to secure farmland and livestock that is needed in order to feed their people in the present and future. Also, countries like China have serious problems with usable farmland because of the soil contamination. The Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Land and Resources published a report on April 2014 that states that around 19% of the farmland, woodland, grassland and about 16% of the soil is polluted. These are the statistics that the Chinese government released. The question remains whether or not the percentages are actually much higher. Only the Chinese government or a crystal ball knows that answer for sure. At any rate, this is just another example of land needed to grow food is becoming everyday more sacred.

China is not the only country in the world that is in need of land to grow food and raise livestock. India is another country that will continue to have problems with its large population being able to purchase affordable heathy foods. The population is growing exponentially and the many small farmers are entirely dependent on the rains. The Middle East is also another region that will continue to have problems with the supply of food. The United States has an ample amount of food for its population. However, it still does not mean that healthy food is affordable. Many American’s consistently struggle to put affordable nutritious food on the table.  Millions of people in the United States live on cheap can goods, boxed products and fast food that are loaded with preservatives and unhealthy levels of salt.

The list can go on and on around the globe. It is becoming very difficult for the average person to afford to put food on the table. The issue of supply and the affordability of food are going to continue to be a problem for leaders of nations. The wealthier countries will continue to purchase land in areas like Africa. Less developed countries will have significant problems feeding their people as the supply of food becomes more limited and expensive. International future conflicts could result as food and farmland becomes more scarce.


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