Brothers In Arms

When I’m depressed, I like to just get it over with. I sit in my old recliner. My studio is completely dark. In a tall glass, I pour three shots of good rum with Dr. Pepper. I place one of my depression discs titled Sultans of Swing the Very Best of Dire Straits in my CD player. I select the tract Brothers of Arms and hit the repeat button. I play the song over and over and over for about two hours. The negativity just oozes out of my system. I get low, very very low. It’s just me, the music and the DEPRESSION BEAST.

I’m completely drained! I head to the bathroom and take a nice long hot shower. I fall asleep in my 28 year old waterbed.  (Yes, I have changed the plastic mattress multiple times, but the wood frame is the same.) The next morning I walk out to my yard and work out with weights.  I pump some serious heavy iron and then all is new again. This is my routine when I’m depressed. I’m in my 50’s and this has worked  for years. I will continue in future posts listing my favorite depression songs.



P.S. I find I write my best poetry when feeling blue. In fact, it is most beneficial to allow my emotions to totally fall into the deep dark abyss, in order to bleed, on my manual typewriter.


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Brothers In Arms