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Carioca Da Gema


Clara grew up as a popular girl in a small family. Throughout her life she traveled and changed. Clara’s core values remain the same but her daily life values, her views and way of life are different than those that she grew up with.

A first date is usually her only date and drinks with new friends are cut short after she enjoys a Margarita or two.  At her clan gatherings she was able to get on her soap box and speak her mind freely.

It wasn’t until one of those infamous Thanksgiving family dinner  blow outs that she was able to see that her place of freedom was no more.

You love your blood, but liking your blood is a different story.

Apologies were given and accepted. Clara is left with a choice of putting up a shell to hide her hurt which will harden her over time and continue to gather or not.

Most of us are wired to want to know the truth.  Is truth really necessary? Are the tacky sayings such as “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her” or ‘Ignorance is bliss’ actually words of wisdom?

As decades pass, small families grow into large ones, more people, opinions and drama.

Many people refuse to see how elites and governments are romancing artificial intelligence into our lives, passing thru our white picket fences and using our front door. Once inside, our thoughts are being programmed, our privacy is front page news, our basic freedom is gone, while people are still dying of starvation and enduring lives that barely qualify them as humans.

Many rather complain about their high interest rates on cars they can’t afford to be driving and the newest iPhone they must have than ruining their dinners acquiring the so called knowledge about people they will never have to face.

Clara is that person ruining every gathering with narratives no one wants to hear. Going against the regular thinking can be harmful for your social life.  People value and respect others with same views and actions.  Too much passion for others over your fence and lack of patience for the ones inside will in time lead to dismantling the social life you think you may have.


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