Photographer Janine Pendleton @ Obsidian Urbex Photography is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From her project ‘Dr Anna’s Haus And Surgery, Germany‘.  To see Janine’s  gallery of projects click on any image.



Dr Anna Haus’ is said to have been lived in by a doctor, his wife and another fellow practitioner who also worked at the surgery. The lower two floors were the surgery, including; operating theater, examination rooms, a rather large library and store rooms. The examination room features a gynecological chair and large examination light. The operating room has a stained bed and other medical paraphernalia, as well as medicine/chemical bottles stood neatly on the bedside table.






Upstairs are the living areas. A large well-lit room features a Steinway Grand Piano, the light in the room given a pink soft hue by the thin curtains. This is connected to another large room by an impressive set of double doors, which are now sadly damaged and only partially attached. Sheet music is strewn across the floor. Photographs and a few negatives lie on a chess board on a side table.





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By Janine Pendleton