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Under a kerosene lamp, Florence prepares breakfast for her children and her elderly parents while her husband Ernest gathers his tools for a day of farming. He leaves with the first light and returns before sunset. Ernest looks forward to having more help from his children as they grow older, so the family can prosper.

Florence tends to their small animals.  She milks goats, collects eggs from chickens and once in a while skins a rabbit for dinner. No electricity, no buttons to push, water is carried into the house in buckets, clothing is washed at the stream,  and all the house work is done by hand, under natural light.

Way before Ernest and Florence, procreation was done in the name of survival. Since the beginning of time, man has slaughtered each other for territory .  No arms’ dealers or gun shows. Into the woods, they went to harvest possible weapons . The more people in your group, the more successful you are having food to eat, keeping your woman and children, along with holding onto your belongs that day.

In the Pre Boom & Bust USA, words like ‘empty nesters’ was used commonly, indicating that the parents had done their job of sheltering, feeding and guiding the young that had left the nest to build their own life.

As it turns out, the ‘millennials’ don’t see themselves as productive adults until they reach thirty.

Who cooked up this scheme?

Today, in the United States, 40% of young adults still live at home with their parents or relatives.  For certain Latin countries where it is customary to recycle the inhabitants of a home with new generations, this new phenomenon does not raise any eyebrows.

Had this scheme been invented earlier, there is no way in hell that Florence and Ernest would raise all those kids, if all they had to look forward to were extra mouths to feed and the kids constantly having their eyeballs glued to gadget screens.

At the time the offspring becomes an adult, the parents are heading to joint pains, hot flashes, and inflamed prostates.  Some parents are lucky enough to have gathered pensions or savings throughout their life. Others will work until they die. Some parents co-signed for their kid’s college student loans.  Many young adults finish college, move back home and are not earning enough money to keep up with the student loan payments, leaving their aging parents with  a significant financial burden.

What Happened With The Natural Process Of Procreation?


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