Photographer A. Jesse Jiryu Davis, is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images.  These photographs are from his project ‘New York Zen‘.  To see A. Jesse’s portfolio click on any image.


The Village Zendo’s abbot, Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara.


Myoshin at the Village Zendo’s winter retreat.


Seizan meditates in his apartment.


Zen student Tokuyu at home in Manhattan.


“I’ve been photographing members of my Zen community, the Village Zendo, for more than a decade. They are laypeople who live and work in New York City and come together to meditate at the Zendo in Manhattan, or at one of our rural retreats. I want to represent how ordinary my community and our Zen practice is, and simultaneously show Zen’s austere beauty.”


Yugetsu at home.


A Zen priest, Chodo, comforts his friend John.


Kaizen cleans the meditation room during the Village Zendo’s summer retreat.


A priest ordination ceremony.


A priest ordination ceremony at the Village Zendo in Manhattan.


Bogai begging, on a 4-day street retreat.


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By A. Jesse Jiryu Davis