Photojournalist Carsten Snejbjerg is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  These images are from his ongoing project ‘Blood Lobster‘.  To see Carsten’s body of work click on any image.


Don Moises outside his house with two grandchildren and his daughter to the right


Don Moises in his kitchen with his grandchild. His daughter is home from one of the islands where she is works to help her family.


Don Moises had a divers accident and have not been working for many years. The family are relying on what they can produce by themselves.


On the outermost point of Honduras’ peninsula between the Caratasca Lagoon and the Caribbean Ocean, lies the small town Kawkira. It is there, in the most far-out areas of Honduras, that the Misquito Indians have lived off of lobster diving for decades. Today, America’s growing demand for the sea creatures causes them to dive deeper and more often. Many risk their lives diving only with the most basic and outdated equipment.


The catch


Inside a fish factory where the lobsters are being cleaned and packed for the American marked. The lobsters can’t be exported Europe due to the working conditions for the divers.


The clinic for divers with decompression sickness has being closed for several years due to lack of money.


Taywar taking a shower before church. The water comes from a small well.


Divers are waiting for a ride. Typically a day ride to and from the diving ship and twelve days diving.


A diver coming up from a dive with his catch of lobsters


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By Carsten Snejbjerg