Yes, this little book is a treasure chest full of haiku poems from Japanese poets of the past. The Little Treasury of Haiku is a small hardcover book that is only 96 pages, but stuffed full of haiku gems. Each page contains four to five haiku poems. There are over 350  poems in this little book. I purchased A Little Treasury of Haiku in the early 1980’s and it was the first poem book for my library. Some of the Japanese haiku poets include: Basho, Buson, Issa, Shiki, Sokan, Kikaku, Oemaru, Shusen, Kyorai, etc.



Below are four example haiku poems:


Wee bitter cricket
Crying all this sunny day…
Or is he laughing?

By: Oemaru


Dewdrop, let me cleanse
In your brief sweet waters…
These dark hands of life

By: Basho


My two plum trees are
So gracious… see, they flower
One now, one later

By: Buson


A childless housewife…
How tenderly she touches
Little dolls for sale

By: Ransetu


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A Little Treasury of Haiku