I have been a bookworm since I was a little guy. I have always had the need to read. Reading is a major part of my life. I mainly read nonfiction. I enjoy reading newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs, public released government reports, press releases, news websites, public released organization reports, and books on a variety of subjects. When I was a kid I would read with a small light while in bed. My parents would think I was sleeping, but I was actually reading.  I read everything that is in front of me. I especially like to read while eating. When home during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I’m sitting at the table or at a TV tray table watching the news, reading the paper, and eating at the same time. I have to be careful because sometimes I miss placing the food in my mouth because I’m absorbed with what I’m reading . I also have two TV’s on in my library to catch the international news. The mute buttons are pressed and I turn on the volume for something that interests me.

When I’m out of the house I scan around looking for things to read.  I usually carry a book, newspaper, or a printed article from the internet, in case I have a few minutes to read. Up until the last eight years or so I would subscribe to two to three daily newspapers and  around fifty magazines a month. The internet is loaded with information so I save a bundle not having to subscribe to as many magazines or multiple newspapers anymore. I still have The Wall Street Journal delivered to my driveway six days a week. The paper is becoming thinner and I think next renew date I will capitulate and get only the online edition. I have learned so much reading The Wall Street Journal for around thirty five years. This paper is highly recommended. I have also had The New York Times, Financial Times as well as other newspapers delivered to me. Today, with the internet, I have so many online newspapers from around the world to choose from.

As a teenager, I would sometimes read books while riding the bus. It was so much fun reading while spending all day sitting on the bus, riding all around the city. I also used to spend a lot of time reading in the university library. I would sit in a quiet corner location and would read books like a termite eating thru wood. I would rush thru my core studies then wander around the library happy finding books on so many different subjects. I would leave when the library closed at midnight.

As I get older, my need to read has only increased. My wife has blocked off 1/2 of the house from me storing books. She said I would take over the entire place. I have to be selective with which books I purchase now because I’m currently engulfed by books in my library and almost out of room.  I even have them stacked up in piles on the floor. I have sold some books on Amazon.com to gain space. I’m currently working on a remodel. I desperately need to add more shelves. I’m organizing my masks and other trinkets purchased from travels in a tighter way on the walls to get more room. I always need more space for that one new book to read. Being constantly on the lookout for new material and knowledge is like pumping fresh blood into my veins. Such is the life of a bookworm.


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