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Carioca Da Gema


History is full of passages where a handful of the powerful control a large number of people. The oppressed are told to leave, abandon their property, do hard unpaid labor until they die, and march until it is time to dig their own grave.

From the comfort of our homes, while reading a passage of a book, or watching the many screens available today, we are quick to wonder why people under these historical circumstances did not react.

Picture these two scenarios:

A neighbor, co-worker or a friend says something insulting to you.

In the first scenario, you are secretly very sick.  You have lost your appetite due to a variety of medications, you cannot sleep more than three hours per night, and you are just miserable.

In the second scenario, you have a tan from a weekend on the beach and on Monday morning you are ready to conquer the world.

Chances are that the ‘Fantastic Suzie’ will be more inclined to challenge the insult, while ‘Sick Suzie’ just wanted the day to end, so she can get home to nurse her sickness.

Over time, when a person is sick they are less likely to engage.  It’s harder to govern healthy people who get socially involved and question authority.  Healthy individuals look for answers outside of the box, pursue the truth, and blog about ideas that will spread to others.

It is absurd that a rich country like the United States of America  ‘we the people’ pay for the lawmakers’ PLATINUM healthcare while they sentence the undesirables to an early death.

Healthcare should be a right not a privilege. A nation that values its inhabitants’ health is a better nation for all of us.

Lawmakers should have the same healthcare as the people they supposedly serve. It is like driving an old economy car without air conditioning or heat while chipping in for someone that strolls about in a luxury SUV.


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