Visual Artists and Photographers Katarzyna & Marcin Owczarek are the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributors of this art essay.  From project ‘My heart Is An Animal‘.  To see Katarzyna & Marcin’s body of work click on any image.


The Magician




The Ghost Writer


The Photographer


The Surreal Stories Through Photographs

“My Hearth is An Animal” brings elaborate compositions of human and animal elements. We employ animal characters in human settings, often in a social and spiritual context, because each creature brings to life beautiful and original symbolism and emotional values. We are all connected, people, animals, nature…as a one living organism. In every human being there is a piece of animal instincts and in every animal there is a piece of human being: soul, feelings, emotions, fragility. Animals show human emotions. Our observations reveal beauty, sometimes it is found in the unconventional way.


The Poker Game


Potato Lovers


The Midas Touch


Our work is expressed in a surreal language, because we want to clash the rationality and irrationality to find deeper meanings of life. Everything we see or do can be seen in both positive and negative way. Not everything we see is what it really is. By creating poetic and philosophical works we want the viewers to interpret our work according to their own life experiences.


The Birdman


Sea Wolf


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