Software is affecting employees in so many other industries. The legal and the accounting profession will continue to lose business. The days of the astronomical legal fees that lawyers charge to perform  bread and butter tasks will become a thing of the past. Outsource, Outsource, Outsource, is the name of the game. Push it out the door and have someone in India very efficiently and cheaply handle the chore. Computer software is also doing the grunt work.  Many lawyers,  paralegals, and support office staff will find themselves out of jobs in the future. Online companies are doing a lot of the basic tasks, such as setting up a LLC  at a lower cost than can be done with the local family lawyer.

Personal and small business accounting and tax software is also taking away income from the accountant’s gravy train. In short, more and more professional occupations that are by in large one man bands, or small enterprises with a few employees, are having the rug pulled out from underneath them because of advancements in software. Even the big firms will be under pressure from their large clients to cut the cost of fees.



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REPUBLISHED for the ‘Labor Day Special Issue’