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Carioca Da Gema


I live in a place where one can burn the flag or a prayer book.  Without fear, one can stand up on their soapbox and demonize any political figure at will.  The highest power in the land, rather I helped to elect or not, is there to guarantee that the citizens have freedom to express their views.

The act of symbolic vandalizing items of patriotism in America will serve the agenda of some people in power. There will be more harsh words in the air to ignite social unrest and many neighbors will become persona non grata.

In a society like America, money ranks second after a vote.  Every little guy has a bit of it, and like voting can move mountains.  Freedom has many facets and cannot be tailored.  To keep our freedom, we must allow other voices to be heard and use the power of our vote and our ‘CASH’ as we see fit.



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