President Trump’s new executive order will end payments of subsidies to the insurance companies. This move will begin the rapid unraveling of Obamacare. The President uses the word “BAILOUTS.” These payments are not bailouts, but government subsidies to make health insurance affordable.


Low income earning Americans enrolled in Obamacare are going to feel the pain. They only pay a small fraction of the premium, and without the subsidies, insurance becomes prohibitive. Before Obamacare, this group would fall in the gap between making too much money for Medicaid, and too little to be able to afford health insurance premiums on their own.

The executive order will most probably work its way thru the court system, but in the meantime, many will lose coverage. Furthermore, this massive disruption in the insurance marketplace could cause the Affordable Care Act to implode. There is no insurance replacement option on the table, because the President and The Republicans in the House and Senate do not care.


“It is absurd that a rich country like the United States of America  ‘we the people’ pay for the lawmakers’ PLATINUM healthcare while they sentence the undesirables to an early death.”

Excerpt from an earlier article

Sick Americans Are Easier To Control





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