Photographer Simone Casetta is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography.  From his project ‘In Forma‘.  To see Simone’s body of work click on any photograph.


Monitoring the parameters under stress for an obese young girl
Hospital Centro Auxologico for the obese patients
Piancavallo, Italy


After severe malnutrition and diseases, child receives medical care and rehabilitation.
CE.RE.NU. Centro de Recupero Nutricional
San Miguel de Tucuman, Tucuman Region, Argentina


Milano, Italy



Oxygen therapy given to an obese woman
Hospital Centro Auxologico for the obese patients
Piancavallo, Italy


Beside and underneath plural cases of governments’ corruption, wars, and financial interests, there is a common issue that concerns every single woman or man on the planet: nutrition.

The majority of humans in the world are struggling for this basic and apparently simple activity. And those who are suffering from bad-nutrition are not just the thin ones!

Lacking of cultural basis and continuous advertisement of unhealthy foods, are forcing a large number of people in an uncomfortable or even degrading condition of overweight or obesity.

My project’s aim is to produce a series of images, capable to testify and communicate human suffering behind unequal distribution of food in the different parts of the world.

The underfed is not the good one, and the fat is not the evil: they are just victims from the unbalanced state of the actual world.


Overweight woman exercising
Milano, Italy


Malnourished child receiving medical care from doctors of Medecines Du Monde
Akwem Village, Bahr El Gazhal Region, South Sudan


Overweight woman doing exercises in an infrared heated cyclette machinery
Medislim thinning centre, Cant, Italy


Obese man doing rehabilitation exercises
Hospital Centro Auxologico for the obese patients
Piancavallo, Italy


A kind of an “icon” image has been produced for this project.

It consists in a diptych, with the photograph of two pills in it: on the left (South Sudan) a vitamins and salts integrator pill used in the Third World for the rehabilitation of the underfed children, and, on the right (Italy), the pill given to overweight persons in order not to make them absorb nutrition from the food they eat, no matter how much they eat.


Credit for all images: © Simone Casetta / Anzenberger


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By Simone Casetta