An Insider’s Look At The Financial Industry Workers

Glass Room


Photographer George Nobechi is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From his project ‘Granite & Glass‘.  To see George’s body of work click on any image.


Modern Family


The Glass Elevator


Swing Away




Inside monoliths of steel, glass and stone, men and women from all over the world come to work in the financial industry. They were sold dreams of fortune and came to seek a good career or to support their families, but the glory days are long gone, perhaps never to return. Misunderstood by others, shrouded in mystery, painted with the broad brush of the “1%” despite their very different reality. Each of these men and women carries a burden and an inner conflict about the meaning in their lives. This portrait series is an insider’s look at their troubled world.




Closing Doors


Granite and Glass


The New Crop


Glory Days


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