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When cutting aid to the poor, the American government justifies the abandonment that could be taking place by using a “poster child” and shouting “FRAUD”.

I remember a local surfer ending up in the newspapers. The man was using food stamps and surfing all day. Not long ago, I read about a lottery winner that continues to take his SNAP benefits just because the system allows him to do so. Stories like these, place a program that already needs an overhaul, in jeopardy of becoming even worse.

Many things have changed in the SNAP program that was created in 1933.  In the past, actual stamps were used as if they were money. Today, the benefits are disbursed and spent via EBT cards.

The new plan being cooked up by the Trump Administration will add ‘HUMILIATION’ back into the equation. The program recipient will receive boxes of food instead of shopping just like we all do.


"In the land of the free, poor citizens will be dining on crumbs served by lobbyist's surpluses."

In refugee camps, the organizers aim is to give the refugees vouchers instead of boxed food. Giving the refugees choices on what they eat will restore a sense of worth. In the land of the free, poor citizens will be dining on crumbs served by Lobbyist’s surpluses. This sad move will add more separation between the classes in America. While India is struggling to abolish their cast system, it seems like The Trump Administration is determined to put one in place.


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