Photojournalist and Documentary Photographer Michele Martinelli is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From his project ‘Earth & Clouds‘.  To see Michele’s body of work click on any image.







A look at the other Vietnam, the one far from the chaos of the cities and the traumatizing war heritage, a corner of the world almost lost among majestic mountains, on the border with China, where almost invisible ethnic minorities consume the days according to the rhythms of peasant life forgotten by the “civilized” world, jealous conservators of customs and traditions. A world of paddy fields and fields still plowed by hand with the help of buffaloes.  Tea or corn plantations, women intent on weaving or embroidering, or simply dedicated to family care. A world where the smile is amplified by the ability to distill the grappa from rice or make a sweet wine.
The contact with nature deepens the bond with this land and creates solidarity among the families, in harmony with a spectacular environment that offers much, but something sometimes asks in return.
The toil of the earth and the freedom of the spirit.










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