Photographer Klaus Pichler is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this article.  From his project ‘This Will Change Your Life Forever‘.  To see Klaus’ body of work click on any image.


‘Esotericist seminar’
Showing one of the countless images of esotericist gatherings and seminars. Re-staging of images found in multiple internet forums, digital composite photo made in a hotel conference room.


A very popular concept amongst esotericists and conspiracy theorists claim that the contrails of passenger airplanes are containing manipulative substances to enable mass mind control.
Contrails, digital photo collage


‘Feng Shui Spacer for cars’
To be mounted on the rear mirror of the car to ‘keep tailgaters at a distance’.
Item ordered online, print on cardboard, € 43


New age esotericism is only one of several ‘alternative’ belief systems which claim to have discovered their own (spiritual, political or pseudo scientific) model of ‘truth’. Esotericist theories – no matter how speculative or irrational they may be – is slowly but surely making its way into the center of mainstream society. They are not only a game played with the hopes of gullible or desperate people, they are also profitable business models somewhere in between marketing and promises of salvation.


‘Holy hand grenades’
Items which are supposed to ‘build a subtle energy field called scalar energy’ against chemtrails and stress and for improved sleep and self- healing.
Item ordered online, synthetic resin with metal shavings, € 69


‘Orgonite Wealth manifestation pyramid’
Designed ‘to change your life forever’ and to ‘attract wealth energy’
Item ordered online, synthetic resin with metal shavings, € 62


Klaus Pichler wanted to know more: for a period of two years, Klaus Pichler immersed himself into the scene by pretending to be a fanatic esotericist. He joined online forums, attended esotericist fairs and gatherings, familiarized himself with relevant theories, ordered products and made use of services. This enabled him to gain an inside view of the irrational world of esotericism, filled with remote healing, aura sprays and unicorn essences. In the process, he witnessed a mixture of credulity, quackery and betrayal.


‘Healing with boxes’
Concept using the ‘spiritual nothing’ contained in empty boxes, which ‘has the potential to suck negative distressing energy out of our system’ when meditating in front of it.
Re-staging of photos found in internet forums, cardboard boxes, nothing.


‘Lesbian desire necklace’
A necklace designed to ‘spark the fire of desire for you in every women you feel attracted to – even the ones who don‘t know they are lesbian’.
Item ordered online, plastic beads on a nylon cord, € 85


The result of Klaus Pichler’s approach is the series ‘This will change your life forever’ which consists of pictures of products, re-staging of images found on online forums and visualizations of esotericist theories.


‘Penis enlargement elixir’
Which is ‘designed to bring you the penis size you want’ by placing one drop a day on your penis tip.
Item ordered online, glass flacon with ethereal oil and herbs, € 43


‘Harmony energy transformer’
Able to ‘delete manipulative energies which someone has infected your food and drinks with’
Item ordered online, regular wooden chopping board,
€ 279


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