Artist  Sandra Klein is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images.  From her project ‘The Embittered Heart‘.  To see Sandra’s portfolio click on any photograph.


Euphorbia Esférico




Gasteria Brownie


The series, entitled Embittered Hearts, consists of visual poems that evoke the universal emotions of pain, loss and cynicism that often come with the experience of betrayal. Although my own such experience happened many years ago, the remnants of it have in some ways remained with me and changed me so that the memories feel vivid enough still to portray them honestly.


German Heart


Graceful Opuntia


Hombre Solo


I love the study of the layered image and the actual printing process in photography, probably because my background is in printmaking.  Here I use the heart and cacti or succulents in general and roots and spines in particular to portray the various responses we human beings have when we end a relationship.  As I have in the past, I am also using embroidery in some of the pieces to add three-dimensionality. I continue to find this study of love and loss mysterious and magical.


Blue Elf


The Fan and the Moon


Sempervivum Violeta


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By Sandra Klein