“…a symbol of scandal, of perdition and perversion.” | The Sex Workers of San Berillo, Italy


Documentary and Social Photographer Francesco Faraci is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography.  From his  project ‘Le Belle di San Berillo’.  To see Francesco’s body of work click on any image.







In the black Catania, a few steps from Via Etnea,  you will find a San Berillo, a maze of narrow streets surrounded by low houses and ancient noble palaces in ruins today.

For the people of Catania it’s just the prostitutes’ district. The place is hated and it is a symbol of scandal, of perdition and perversion.

San Berillo has no social boundaries. The district is visited by lawyers, doctors, teachers and workers who can not resist the charmed pleasure of the flesh.

You can see love that  is born and die with an embrace under candle lights when darkness falls.

A man walks in a hurry, without making eye contact,  almost crawling on the red brick walls covered by writings temptresses.

It is easy to fall in love with Rosaria, Ornella, Brigitte and Veronica. All it takes is imagining that behind those pronounced lips, under the short dresses and mascara lives an individual that had loved, suffered and lived every instant of this thing that we all call life.





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