This tiny 71 page book is packed full of wisdom that will help you to more fully enjoy your life. The information comes from a presentation, given by Thich Nhat Hanh in 1999, at the Maryland Correctional Institution. The theme covers mindfulness or being in the present moment. Examples include: enjoying and being in the now while walking, eating, drinking, breathing, etc. Do not think of the past or future.

I’m still a long way from 100% mindfulness. Unfortunately, I’m a thinker, and mindfulness does not come naturally to me. However, when I do get into the groove and practice mindfulness, I’m more relaxed, and have greater enjoyment with my day to day activities.

The author gives excellent examples and exercises on how one can practice mindfulness.  He also mentions “every moment of your daily life can be a moment of practice.” “The practice is available to you any time, even when you go to urinate or while washing floors.”

Highly recommended!


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