Photographer Isabelle Levistre is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the book ‘ANAMNÈSE’.  To see Isabelle’s body of work, click on any image.


La Battue


Le Sous Bois


Le Cerceau


This series is the glance which I carry on the world of childhood. I rewrote like an intimate walk, the games the attitudes and the moments that I observed.

Attentive being has an observer on the edge of a mysterious world. Through the series a subtle draft of this period located between early childhood and the preadolescence takes shape.




La Menace


A poetic world where lightness, loneliness and carefree mix. Playing between the attitudes of my daughters and my personal feelings I photographed their world by searching through them to rewrite my own childhood which I have few memories.

To translate this ephemeral period I  sometimes used the double exposure shooting.  The choice of the camera allowed me (Holga, device toy) seemed to me well adapted to the subject. I wanted as accurately recreate these moments that escape us in adulthood.


Balle de match


La Balancelle


This series is like a book in which each of us could recover  some memories  of  his childhood.


Promenons Nous


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