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Carioca Da Gema


For a long time, many wealthy people have desired to have their name attached to a university campus, a hospital wing, or perhaps a road, to consolidate their contribution to society, and importance beyond their personal assets.

‘Lend a hand’ scenes are frequently seen with the multitude of natural disasters spread throughout Earth. Regular working people by the millions find time to bring a hot meal to the elderly and raise other people’s children.  Doctors, religious organizations, and volunteers, end up in godforsaken places aiding in a health crisis, famine, and post civil war problems all over the globe.  These individuals make a tremendous and instantaneous impact, on the lives they touch.  If you ask most of them, they receive more out of it than they give.

Today, the “walking gods of money”  have ambitious goals in mind. They want to change the world with space exploration and artificial intelligence that will control the masses. Science fiction coming to life! The astronomically wealthy should be able to spend their money and stamp their names on any part of history they see fit. We live in a free society.

If you had an abundant amount of  time and/or money what would you do?



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