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As a society we must unite as ‘people’ to survive.  Los Angeles has a major homeless problem and small cities in the middle of the country are fighting a drug war in their own living rooms with numbers never imagined.  Uninsured sick Americans are dying because of limited access to medical care. Most take from Peter to pay Paul, one paycheck after another. Housing prices are in third gear, while wages crawl, and robots take over jobs. Home ownership was previously seen by our ancestors as a base for a solid existence, but now has become a large money pit, where the game of musical chairs is played as long as it lasts.

“The country cannot afford health care”, we hear plenty of  talking heads selling us on this idea.

The United States ranks first as a military power followed by Russia and China.

Aircraft: US has 13,762, more than double of Russia & China’s combined.

Fighter aircraft: US has 2,298, more than Russia & China combined.

Aircraft carriers: China has 1, Russia has 1 and U.S. has 19.

Russia’s and China’s military personal and combat tanks, outrank US, but we do not fight wars with bayonets  anymore so I can only assume it’s old technology and we have not found a country to dump the combat tanks on yet. To gild the lily, here are the astonishing numbers showing how ‘we the people’ are screwed out of better living conditions to pay for these assets.

World military power rank list and the countries’ defense budget:

#17 Brazil $24.5 billion

#16 Vietnam $3.4 billion

#15 Israel $15.5 billion

#14 Indonesia $6.9 billion

#13 Pakistan $7 billion

#12 South Korea $43.8 billion

#11 Italy $34 billion

#10 Egypt $4.4 billion

#9 Germany $39.2 billion

#8 Turkey $8.2 billion

#7 Japan $43.8 billion

#6 United Kingdom $45.7 billion

#5 France $35 billion

#4 India $51 billion

#3 China $161.7 billion

#2 Russia $44.6 billion

Totaling $568.77 billion

The United States of America’s defense budget is $587.8 billion dollars.  We spend more than the 16 countries combined ranking below us on the military power list.

I can ask Who is going to fight us? However, I believe the misappropriation of assets in our government runs much deeper.  Any Luddite knows that the wars of the future will be fought in cyberspace.  Defending government functions such as democratic elections and utilities, followed by financial institutions and data.  If the anti-climate folks ever decide that global warming is real, the fight may get physical, as a military force may be used to stop us from destroying our own planet.

The present wars started with distorted ideologies on flip flops, not with massive military strength invasion.



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