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Carioca Da Gema


I needed a cheap digital camera and a couple of Apps that can potentially improve my productivity; so I punctured my luddite lifestyle and bought myself a pre-paid (no contracts) smartphone.


Goal #1

Release only what is absolute necessary about me.

Due to identity theft and privacy concerns!



Not get involved!

I asked a millennial to set the phone up for me and I was astonished to see all the options available. When selecting option A instead of B you are actually investing into the gizmo, making it your own, something that will reflect who you are and what you stand for.

It is a tool, not a friend, will not tell my story, will not define who I am.  I’m not playing the game. I’m NOT available 24/7.


Observing Others

Happy healthy energetic toddler

Running around kitchen playing hide and seek

Opening all books on the coffee table

Riding on wheeled toys

Closing all books on coffee table

Toddler watching cartoons on iPhone








5 billion out of the 7.7 billion people walking this earth today have a mobile phone connection.


God Help Us All!




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Neutrality comes with the price of being disconnected. Society is composed of like-minded people; teal lovers search for bluish-green connections, and the burnt sienna worshippers choose to navigate a path that’s deep reddish brown. Embracing the color wheel will yield richer exposure and isolation.
There is no glory in neutrality.
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