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Heliconia are the queen of the flower world. Not only are the leaves delicate and beautiful, but the flowers are also gorgeous and look like they are from another planet. The diversity is overwhelming and the size, texture, and exploding colors of the flowers bring the tropical garden to another level that Screams “JUNGLE”.

The flowers can be left to hang on the plant in the tropical garden, or cut when fully grown and given as special gifts. They are also used extensively by florists for elaborate creations that are displayed in luxury hotels and homes, etc. There is no need to purchase expensive heliconia if one lives in a tropical climate area and can grow their own. Click HERE for a few photos of the Hermit Poet’s tropical garden which includes Heliconia.


About the book:

Heliconia An Identification Guide is a small thick 332 page full color book. The authors are experts on the subject. The publisher is Smithsonian Institution Press. Some of the areas covered include plant features, geographical distribution, breeding, hybridization, names, taxonomy, collecting in the wild, botanical relatives of Heliconia, etc. The meat and potatoes of the book is the 200 Heliconia list with each listing including a full color photo, blooming time of year, height, habitat (grown in sun, shade, partial sun, etc.) inflorescence, colors, vegetation, taxonomic notes, glossary, and index. This is a must have book If you are interested in growing these tropical plants or viewing them in the wild jungles.



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