Written by:

Carioca Da Gema


Lead sheep

up hill

down hill

Social media

habit forming

connect to all

Community’s rules

 Expel deplorables



Filter peasant’s exposure by

sensationalizing or sugar coating


Russia plots 2020

Extremist flip-flops dream of virgins

Dictators plunge


Your neighbor

Who is next tomorrow?

“Read all about it…”

In some countries

Only game in town

Sheep back from pasturing…

Freedom of Speech


by Selected Speech

Free Society


by Edited Society

Next morning

Up hill

Down hill


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The Ugliness Of Freedom & The Power Of Your Cash


…In a society like America, money ranks second after a vote.  Every little guy has a bit of it, and like voting can move mountains.  Freedom has many facets and cannot be tailored.  To keep our freedom, we must allow other voices to be heard and use the power of our vote and our ‘CASH’ as we see fit.




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Neutrality comes with the price of being disconnected. Society is composed of like-minded people; teal lovers search for bluish-green connections, and the burnt sienna worshippers choose to navigate a path that’s deep reddish brown. Embracing the color wheel will yield richer exposure and isolation.
There is no glory in neutrality.
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