Written by:

Carioca Da Gema


The Search For A Heartbeat


At the stairway to hell NEAREST YOU!

There are pounding hearts in orphan children of war constantly awaiting the next blast

In children born from addicted (dead) parents

The slow heartbeat in children of famine; destined to die as the world watches

In orphan children of AIDS

There are anxious heartbeats in orphan children of poverty and migration

There are countless heartbeats to be rescued. One can select cause, region, religion, gender, age, you name it, there are children struggling to stay alive everywhere.

In all the ugliness abortion can nest, abortion is not about saving lives.   It is about transferring the power nature gave women to control the general flow of life to religion and governments.  This shift is oppressive and diminishes women.  These heartbeat’s saviors should flock to hellholes spread throughout the land and save lives already on this earth. Taking away the women’s right to make a choice is archaic, punitive; bringing us back to the dark ages as a society, increases poverty, illiteracy and crime.

Religion lures believers, politicians vow to voters, and subscriptions are FREE.  I bristle every time I see a penis wrapped in a suit or a robe talking about taking away a women’s primal right of owning HER own body. MEN should not have a place at this table, NOT EVER.



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