I drop cubes of ice into my glass and pour some Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Walking back to my recliner, I stop at my CD player and load the disk containing the song Rainy Night in Georgia by Boz Skaggs. I press the repeat button, sit back in my chair, close my eyes and relax listening to this smooth rendition. The song Rainy Night in Georgia, which is written by Toney Joe White and made into a popular tune during the early seventies by Brook Benton, is also remade by Boz Skaggs.

After listening to the song a couple of times, I slowly open my eyes , move the glass around in my hand and take a few more sips of the whiskey. I’m in a very good place. I reminisce about the slowness and predictability of the past, when life was moving at not such a hectic pace. Things used to be simple and one was more able to count on other people to be true to their word. No games! No Bullshit!

I enjoy listening repetitively to songs that are very well written and have great depth to them. I will choose a song that enhances my current mood, press the repeat button, and allow my emotions to become completely carried away by the music. If I’m really down in the dumps, I sometimes like to have all that negative emotion, that is bottled up inside slowly ooze out of me, while listening to a particular song. This slow cooking release type of process is therapeutic for my state of mind.


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