This black marble Buddha in my garden displays serenity. When I’m also meditating, I feel at peace with myself and all that surrounds me.  If I’m mentally exhausted and my batteries need to be recharged, I turn to meditation to clean out the cobwebs in my mind and to rebalance my overall well-being. I try to take time to meditate three to four times a week, but sometimes because of other commitments, I can go a week or two without meditation. When I do not make time to meditate I become much more impatient with the day to day aspects in my life and also my mental focus becomes considerably less sharp. I should be more regimented and follow a set time to meditate, but unfortunately it is not always possible to fit it into my schedule. Should I expect more than I can do? Zen teaches us acceptance!  I appreciate and accept the amount of time I can devote to my meditation.


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