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Half of Americans are reported to have tried to lose weight.  26 million homes have gym equipment, 16% of Americans (50.2million) belong to a health club.

The organic food industry sold 49.4 billion of goods in 2017 and Walmart ranks first on the list.

Every step to achieve these goals of getting fit, eating healthy and losing weight are entangled with our rapid pace life. Slowing down is not always a option. It comes down to looking ahead and planning.





H I R E   A   L I F E   C O A C H

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Getting off the wagon | How easy it is…

Our good eating habits tumble in a New York second with emotional stress.  Know your food of choice when the monster knocks and substitute it with a better version of the same taste and/or texture, but keep the food alive. Food items swimming in preservatives, dusted with salt, or shimmering of high fructose corn syrup are not the answer.

Be honest, plan the amount of emotional dumps the day can offer and pack those “I’m ready for you stress” food goods and carry on. But the most important step here is, if you succumb to a strawberry cheesecake in a moment of weakness, analyze what happened and find a better solution for the next time and then back on the wagon you go.  A misstep is not an excuse to ruin an entire day of good eating habits. Be off your goal for a few bites; not for the entire day.  Wipe the cream cheese from your lips and move on.


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