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The violence that drives millions of people from their homeland is real. War, famine, and persecution have  caused  huge migrations;  today and in the past.

If you and your family are indeed running for your life, shouldn’t the next safer border be the best option? With nineteen countries in Central and South America, the leap towards America is a smart choice for a better life, not a life saving one.

Mass immigration is good, if the country needs it.  America has tremendous problems.  The unemployment numbers being displayed are not the reality on the ground; while the robots are marching in, there are millions of very skilled individuals doing unskilled labor.


“…secure your mask on first, and then assist the other person.”

In-flight passenger announcements


Even when you are strong you must take care of yourself first so you can continue aiding others.

I live in a working class neighborhood with a lot of immigrants, including myself.  Some of the newcomers can be a big pain; as they get lost in translation, and never really cross over and understand what it is to be an American born in another country.

Over the decades, there have been a multitude of homes suitable for a family of 3, sheltering 12.  I believe my home is my castle, and I will not allow anyone to sanction what I do, but keeping in mind that this is a neighborhood where people live, not a warehouse district. Junk yards, body and auto repair shops should not be in the middle of a residential neighborhood.  Also watching others come home from work and dump construction garbage from their jobs on the curb, for the weekly free bulk garbage pickup, is not acceptable. This is not the American way of life!

The second generation, ‘The Dreamers’ exposed to the American ways since a young age will help the family to integrate.  Carrying their culture and adding to the diverse American landscape. Keeping these families together, strengthens the immigrant’s network, health, and help to create a positive and productive lifestyle which is good for society and for all Americans.

Society must contend with drugs, terrorism, human trafficking, and illegal enterprises on many levels.  An open border for a country like America is a fantasy.  Like the front door of our homes, America must have complete control over its border, before we can begin to solve this immigration crisis.

The ability to allow people to move in comes down to numbers.  Regardless of its origin or reason for migration, there must be jobs or funds to house the extra guests.


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