The democratic candidate’s promises are irresponsible.  In a time of racial tension and immigration overrunning America, it seems like they aim to ignite instead of unite the citizens.

We the people are left with a choice of voting for a democrat who wants to give our country away to slavery reparation and illegal immigrants.  Extending healthcare to illegals is a farce.  If an American ends up in a hospital without health insurance, his or her life is over as far as finances go.  An illegal immigrant just walks away, free and clear. This maneuver is an insult to Americans.

Sanctuary cities give illegal immigrants rights that I do not have as an American citizen. And for the border to stay open, we have pressing issues such as illegal immigration, drugs trafficking, and terrorism that would greatly benefit if our government allows an easier coming and going.

On the other hand, we can choose to vote for the party that does not recognize global warming, fight tooth and nail to see abortion illegal throughout the entire land, and see no problem with re-electing a president that fancies dictatorship because democracy comes with too many inquiries.


Signing off

Carioca Da Gema

From the “Banana Republic Of America


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