Documentary Photographer Tadas Kazakevičius is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the project ‘Diverse Lithuania’.  To see Tadas’s body of work, click on any image.


Japanese, Akiko
Think what you can do for your country.


Lithuania, protect your children.


Latvian, Janis & Madara
Lithuania is my home, as is my fatherland. Feeling parity of forces between my personal experience and my blood, makes the question “Where do you come from?” hard to answer. Thus you continue to analyze this question…
Lithuania – very significant part of my identity, which together with my Latvian side creates what I am and what I am proud of.


Kazakh, Sabina
There will never be another homeland, only the one. There will never be other fellow countrymen, just the ones from my homeland.


154. This is the number of different nationalities living in Lithuania. And for a country that has a population of merely 3 million of people, this number is striking.

For some nationalities it’s almost a half a millennium living here, coming along with Vytautas the Great, for others – just couple of decades, or even years, but every story is different and very interesting. They all live here and call Lithuania their new home.

I feel great responsibility to make every single nation in Lithuania visible. To show every nation and give them the floor to share their own view of our country. Whether it’s an open letter of love, or just a moment to share their feelings, but it is all somehow connected with their emotions about Lithuania.

To me the unity of a nation is found not in its ability to preserve the nationality but exactly the opposite – to embrace others and to live in peace with everyone.

I dedicate this ongoing series to my beloved Lithuania that celebrated 100 years of independence in 2018.


Peruvian, Antonio
What I like the most from Lithuania is that it let me make it mine. As soon as I came I made it my country, my home, it let me enjoy it my way, and is a pleasure that doesn’t end and even now it seems endless.


I am Georgian ballerina. For more than 10 years I live in Vilnius with my husband and 2 kids. All these years I have never regret our move to Lithuania. Lithuanians welcomed me in their family and have shown their love and dedication towards Georgian culture. My daughter was born in Vilnius, therefore wherever I might move in future, Lithuania will always remain my second homeland.


Lithuania provided me best opportunity to become an expert restaurateur and a seasoned consul in the diplomacy expertise – two areas unknown until recently.


Ukrainian, Mychailo
Lithuania now for him, Is a second fatherland. To honor and appreciate, His beloved land. (from a poem by S. Kubishin & M. Buchko, dedicated to Mychailo)


Yakutian, Akulyna
Lithuania is our second motherland.


All images and text© Tadas Kazakevičius



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