I love India. The people, sights, colors, scents, sounds, food, music, yoga, spirituality, etc, all make me feel happy. It is easy to get swallowed up by India. The country draws you in and wraps you up into an endless sensory overload.

The track Discovery of India by Ravi Shankar was used in the movie Gandhi. The song was played when Mahatma Gandhi returned from working in South Africa, to rediscover India. In my opinion, Discovery of India is a nice overall piece of music that represents  the country. The short track is under three minutes and is pure delight.


Click here to watch on YouTube this part of the movie and listen to the song.


The song is the number two track on a two CD set titled The Essential Ravi Shankar. The CD pack is a nice introduction to Ravi Shankar.

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The Essential Ravi Shankar