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Your cutting boards and kitchen sink are two of the dirtiest/germiest places/things in your home. Your dish sponge/rag is the crown jewel, ranking on top as the germiest  in your entire palace.

A large part of home life happens in the kitchen. The more hands you have reaching for food, the more bacteria and germs keep moving around. The logistics of your kitchen can significantly diminish this number.

The kitchen sink is often the largest sink in the house.  It is easy to access as you are already there for food or water, and most attractive for hand washing as there is more space to accomplish the task. With that comes dirty hands on counters, and filthy soap water that splashes and adds more germs to your sponge. Re-direct the hand washing traffic to the closest restroom or even your laundry room sink.



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Using paper cups for water dispensing also diminishes the amount of dirty hands searching for glasses in your kitchen.

Wring out the dish sponge after each use; store it in the open, away from splashes. Do not add more bacteria and germs to your dirty dishes. Nuke the damp sponge in the microwave oven for two minutes at least one time per day and definitely after cleaning protein.

Cutting boards MUST be able to go into the dishwasher. Even though those wood cutting boards look great on you counter top, keep them for looks, but do not use them.

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