Written By

Poet and Photographer J H Martin @ A Coat for a Monkey




February –

I hear you

Coming up the stairs

Cursing my name

Hammering on the door

Accusing me of

Sleeping with money-changers

Bank tellers

And a hundred other women

I have never even met


February – this is not you

This is not the December I love

February – this is January


I can see its grief in your blank eyes

And I can feel it

In your wild punches at my face

Tour scratches down my cheeks

And in your savage bites to my chest


February –

I know that

I was there too


Holding his hand

Carrying his body

Opening the door to the pyre


That is why I will never fight you


No matter how many bottles

You smash over my head

No matter how loud you scream

And no matter how hard you kick me


No – all I am going to do

Is hold you and protect you


Not from January

Not from your orphaned memories

But from the bleach

And from the balcony


That is February


It is not and never will be you


Text © J H Martin



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