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Written by Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


What gives you more satisfaction eating a piece of cake or the whole cake?

Taking away the obvious concerns of having clogged arteries and/or gaining weight, which option will bring upon a higher level of satisfaction?

Indulgence (whole cake) may not deliver satisfaction.  Instead the overeating will have one feeling stuffed or even sick.  On the other hand, a piece of cake can be enjoyed without guilt, “a sweet treat for the day”.

Satisfaction not achieved naturally, by utilizing aspects of our lives, can become an endless chase that needs calibration every step of the way.




H I R E   A   L I F E   C O A C H

Life Coaching by Carioca Da Gema




We can quantify life’s accomplishments in many ways:

He is a rich man.

Jane has three beautiful children.

Mike went around the world twice.

Satisfaction dances around our psych, teasing our efforts and changing the rules of the game as we grow older.

Before becoming wealthy, the man dreamt of good things that will bring him satisfaction.  As a rich man, he continuously searches for more as the content of his dreams no longer fill the void.

After making her dream of a large family a reality, Jane sees her life incomplete, as she hopes for a more meaningful existence, outside of her suburban walls.

Travel is about the excitement of being in new places. Possibilities for engagements that will provide new experiences are present in every frame one looks. But after sucking up all that enthusiasm, expectations kicks in, and the traveler starts to relate one place with another. Fragments from past journeys are frequently compared with present times. “A decade ago this place was an uncharted territory” and satisfaction goes on fading with each trip one takes.

Natural satisfaction is real and abundant. It can be found in simple acts like enjoying or preparing a good meal, reading the first edition of a favorite book, or spending time in a meaningful place.

For the ones trying to achieve satisfaction, beware of its blurry rules.  Self indulging in too much of the good things does not guarantee satisfaction, and long term goals aimed to deliver it can backfire as one’s perspective may change.



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