Artist and Photographer Stuart Spence is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these photographs.  From the ‘What Gives ’ series.  To see Stuart ’s body of work, click on any image.


In ‘Pestilence, I Cast Thee Out’ a floating pink curtain billows out from  an open apartment window into a darkened sky, perhaps shaking out something unwanted into the ether. That, or it is saluting a loved one as they disappear over the horizon.


In This Is Not What You Want to Hear a dimly lit fortune teller delivers her unwanted forecast with grim resolve. Perhaps getting a bad job done, perhaps sadistically revelling in a dark disclosure.


In What Gives, I examine the critical millisecond when something changes, or is just be about to.

The moment when something is both given and taken away.

What Gives is a collection of brooding cloudscapes, lost children, clinging lovers and wall flower cops. People, places, elements all on edge. The images speak low and slowly of crucial moments.

I sets nothing up for these images, instead preferring to work instinctively. I sees, stop thinking, and shoot. I trust my instincts, allowing stories to emerge in their own good time and place.  It is not an easy road. Serendipity can be a shy co-creator; some days I walk home with a swag of delightful new surprises, others a bag of zip.


Gift for JFK (Dallas ’63)


In Waves


No One Dances With A Cop


While They Slept


Fallin’ Back In Again


The night we started the band.


You Will Not Hear Me Coming


All images and text © Stuart Spence



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