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Searching through a slew of quotations about appearances and a person’s true nature, you may even find one of your own. When it comes to what is attractive in a mate, these well crafted warning notes still take back stage during our initial selection, while we are on the lookout for something pretty or handsome.

Marketing strategies are designed to express society’s notion of beauty.  The message sent in these advertisements do a good job making most of us without perky breasts or six pack abs feel like we do not measure up.

If we are wired to search for charming outer shells, can we find other attractive qualities during our pairing expedition?




H I R E   A   L I F E   C O A C H

Life Coaching by Carioca Da Gema




Our personalities are by far the most valuable part of who we are, and yes, it has visual attractive expressions unrelated to our good looks.

A smile, which is composed of a person’s mouth and eyes, gives the observer a look inside that person’s positive vibes or suffering.

Our voice and the way we communicate reveal details of our persona. Our words animate our thoughts and the intensity in how we communicate allows others to know how passionate, angry, or invested we are regarding the theme in question.

When you walk, do you waltz or march? In these visual expressions of self, you may find one individual that is easy to communicate with and relaxed, while the other person will appear occupied and not easily approachable.

Personality and expressions will come together to tell a story. Your tall figure, or large lips will have very little to do with the real you.


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