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The Kung Fu Book of Wisdom

Sage Advice From The Original TV Series

By Herbie J Pilato


” … the outer strength is obvious…

it fades with age and succumbs to sickness…

The inner strength lasts through every heat

and every cold… through old age … and beyond.”


By Master Kan, The Pilot

Page 94


Hermit Poet’s Comments

We must continue to make the mind strong like steal so that it can overcome all things thrown our way. Our inner strength is what is needed to carry us through the bad times.

How do we build a strong mind? Example activities include: meditation, chanting, gardening, contemplation during walks in nature, reading Eastern and Western philosophy books, developing intuition, quiet alone time, develop unbreakable determination ( tenacity), repeat positive affirmations, make the mind the master of the entire body, do not go to war with self, and always muscle it out (not just during workouts, but in everything you do in life).


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