The Millennial Male Advice Guide to Being a Man

By The Hermit Poet


It is important to be able to communicate effectively as well as have an excellent understanding of sales and marketing. The wheels of commerce as well as life are moved by sales. You can be the best in your field, but if you cannot sell yourself, then success will be limited.

I have been in sales and earning my keep from a very young age. I started selling grapefruits door to door at around age five. My dad priced the fruit so cheap that most people would buy; thus giving me confidence and starting me on my way to becoming an excellent communicator. Since that time, I have interacted with 1000’s of people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Looking back, my communication skills really took off after I went to toastmasters ( a public speaking club). I dedicated one morning a week for six months practicing public speaking in front of others. After attending toastmaster meetings, I became very confident speaking to a room full of people. Toastmaster groups are located all over the world and here is link if you wish to find a meeting place in your area. Toastmasters will greatly boost your self-confidence. 

Although social media is the modern way to connect with many people quickly, belly to belly and eyeball to eyeball interaction is still the method used for many business interactions.  Entering a meeting and easily understanding the fluid situation, intuitively feeling the pulse of the other participants, and articulately communicate takes practice and skill. During future articles, I will give advice on how to be a better negotiator and sales closer.


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The articles in ‘The Millennial Male Advice Guide to Being a Man’ contain timeless suggestions for behavior that not only help males to become a better man, but also give women a greater understanding of a man’s natural instincts.


‘The Millennial Male Advice Guide to Being a Man’

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